About CompSF IT Solutions

Since 2003 CompSF IT founders has been bringing people and technologies together, helping businesses around the world with all of their IT needs while making sure each and every customer is receiving the highest level of service and keeps them a 100% satisfied.

At CompSF IT Solutions we aspire to stay dynamic and innovation oriented, keeping us the leaders in our field. Our creative solutions and our team ability to think outside the box helps us resolve more IT issues in less time compare to our competitive.

We provide personal customer service and our professional account managers are dedicated to make each customer feel comfortable and relaxed each day. We pick and choose our technicians carefully, our main focus is people with kind personality and great experience.
We belive that the right approach is first to listen, care and create a comfortable relaxed environment… if its on the phone or next to your workstation. 

At CompSF IT Solutions we can assure you that you will receive an immediate VIP support, in an excellent time response and reasonable fair price.

Why Us?

Small, Dedicated Support Teams

CompSF IT clients appreciate having one point of contact for their familiar IT expert team. Our “do what it takes” mentality means we are here for you, no matter what, until a successful result is in place and a BIG smile is noticeable across the globe.

Affordable, Fixed-Cost Plans, NO after-hours Rates

Building your IT budget is easy with CompSF while keeping a flexible pricing structure. Our support plans include mid to enterprise-level professional IT services and support at a logical cost.

Partnered with Top Tech companies

As an IT service company, we establish a tremendous amount of support from the top world’s leading technology companies. We share our preferred partner status to give our customers the best innovative technology access that fits their business.

Real 22×7 Call Center and 24/7 Network Monitoring

Using our twin company “Redeye IT experts” we provide a solid after hours IT service that is given fully in a day time environment by IT experts on the other side of the globe – completing a 22 hours support cycle.

Our services will not stop at any time and no after-hours special service rate is being charged. With a help-desk staffed personal by CompSF IT and RedeyeIT experts, you’re covered all day, every day.

We Hire Only the Best Highly Professional Staff

When we recruit talent for the CompSF IT team, we need the best!! Our sys admins are handpicked for their exceptional skills, strong business understanding and the highest level of professionalism.

Quite Efficiency

Our goal is for you not to think or hear about IT. We keep your IT operating smoothly and quite so you can focus on business. Our top notch systems and processes ensure every one of our clients enjoys maximum uptime

Our Skills

Small-Medium Business IT
Microsoft Servers Support
Technical Support
Cloud Computing
IT Management
Web Design
System Administration
Linux Servers Support
Excellent Customer Service and Support

The Team

Shahar Geva

20+ years of experience in IT support and service.

Jane Someone

Web Developer

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Mark Brown

Sales Manager

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